“I found that with the proper coaching and surrounding yourself with people that support [you] it’s much easier to excel.”
– Pieter Cooper, Age 37

“Lifting with like-minded people is immensely helpful because there are many more sets of eyes watching you lift. The key difference is the positive environment and the enthusiasm everyone exudes since we all have similar goals to lift heavier weights at every session. It felt like we are in it together.”
– Steven Shin, Age 31

“The coaching at SBWC is done in a way that gives you 1:1 interaction each time you train, but in small bites of feedback that won’t overwhelm you and allow you to focus on small changes that add up over time. I needed a lot of form correction and to give my body some recovery time after two years of dieting. After 6 months, I competed in my first competition!”
– Kate Terry, Age 31

“I was initially only intending to just do the month-long intro class and then take my new skills back to my neighborhood gym and find some online programming to follow. I never thought I’d be “successful” with a gym that wasn’t literally on my block (no excuses!) as I am a fundamentally lazy person who can rationalize themselves out of doing all manner of beneficial things. BUT, I was so inspired by what I learned in the Intro class and the coaches and the other lifters that I found ways to optimize my getting to the gym. A year later, I’m STILL going. Twice a week. By bike, by subway…I get myself there.”
– Shelley Curnow, Age 48

“So what is so special about SBWC? You will actually learn how to lift and will get very strong. No kidding. By now, I have seen it in myself and watch other new lifter come and do the same. Each lifter is introduced to the methods and techniques of lifting, and all questions are resolved. Head Coach Paulie Steinman and Coach Rebecca Steinman provide the leadership and a suitable program appropriate for the lifter and their current level of development. In each session coaches are present to give guidance to keep you moving toward your goals in the best possible way. The system of development takes into consideration all manner of individual needs. For example, I started lifting at 53 years of age and the system has accommodated me very well. Everyone can do this, and though challenging, it is incredibly enjoyable and worthwhile.”
– Gordon Van Amburg, Age 57

“Having lifted weights on and off for almost 20 years, everywhere from Equinox to Crossfit and Boston Sports Club, I can confidently say SWBC is the best gym I’ve ever belonged to. I’m very independent and prefer to move at my own pace, so group classes have never appealed to me. But there’s only so much you can learn from a book, and personal training can be very expensive. For me, SWBC provided the perfect blend of independence and expert coaching, along with a real sense of community.”
–Nick Carchedi

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