• The Beginning Female Weightlifter

    The Beginning Female Weightlifter

    There are many methods used to instruct a beginning female weightlifter. One of the best methods is to make sure that the beginning female performers have developed the necessary physical attributes for participation. These articles will be written predominately for the beginner female weightlifter but can be used for any level of weightlifter, female or male.

  • Oddly Strong Session 1

    Oddly Strong Session 1

    The first session of Oddly Strong at the South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came down to Red Hook on Saturday and Sunday to learn about lifting Atlas Stone, Axles, and Kegs! Everyone willingly got involved in the lifts and displayed an enormous aptitude; especially the first-timers. The catch-phrase

  • Why Do I Lift?

    Why do I Lift? This is a question that I always ask myself. I lift because I love weightlifting. Simple enough? In my brief time on this earth I see how much things are speeding up around us. I am at that unique age where I can remember a time without email yet I don’t