• 2017 USA Powerlifting SBWC Fall Classic

    USA Powerlifting Sanction Number NY-2017-05

    Saturday, 28 October, 2017 – Sunday, 29 October, 2017

    Sold Out!!

    Wait List

    We can not make any promises that a spot will open up for the meet. We will contact you directly if a spot does open up. The wait list is time stamped and will work on a first come, first served basis. Thank you.



    South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club, 300 Douglass Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

    Meet Directors

    Paulie and Becca Steinman

    Sanction Number



    This meet is a RAW/UNEQUIPPED FULL POWERLIFTING meet only. Every participant will have to Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. You can view the RAW/UNEQUIPPED STANDARDS here.


    This meet is open to all powerlifters with a current USA Powerlifting membership. There is no qualifying total required.

    Note, we will NOT be selling USA Powerlifting memberships at the meet. If you do not already have a current USA Powerlifting membership, you can purchase one here: USA Powerlifting Membership Application

    Women’s Weight Classes

    youth, teen, and junior only
    youth, teen, and junior only
    47kg 103lbs
    52kg 114lbs
    57kg 125lbs
    63kg 138lbs
    72kg 158lbs
    84kg 185lbs
    84+kg 185+lbs

    Men’s Weight Classes

    youth, teen, and junior only
    youth, teen, and junior only
    59kg 130lbs
    66kg 145lbs
    74kg 163lbs
    83kg 182lbs
    93kg 205lbs
    105kg 231lbs
    120kg 264lbs
    120+kg 264+lbs

    Provisional Schedule*

    We are deliberately not posting the schedule at this time.

    *the schedule is subject to change based on the total number of entries and weight class distribution of the applicants so please be available for both days of the meet. We won’t know exactly when you will be lifting until the meet fills up.


    Awards will be presented to all 1st – 3rd place finishers for each OPEN division based on Gender and Weight Class. YOUTH, TEEN, JUNIOR, MASTER division awards will be presented to all 1st – 3rd place finishers based on Age Wilks.

    Technical Rules

    This competition is sanctioned by USA Powerlifting. USA Powerlifting rules will be followed and enforced. More information can be found here: USA Powerlifting LIFTER’S HANDBOOK

    Meet Updates/Information

    All contest information, updates, start list and nominations will be posted to this page.


    All spectators and coaches may enjoy the competition for an admission fee of $10 per day. There is no charge for children under the age of 7 years old.

    Entry Deadline

    The deadline for entry is Friday, 29 September, 2017.


  • Robert Mondello

    Hey! Since the meet is sold out, when should we expect additional info. Just want to be on top of things 🙂