• USAPL & USAW Regional Meets Recap

    The summer is always a busy time for us and this year was no exception. Coming off the heels of the USAPL Raw National Competition, we participated in both USAPL & USAW Regional Meets.

    Over the weekend of August 2-3, 2014, SBWC brought 16 lifters to the 31st Annual USAPL NJ State Powerlifting Championships in New Brunswick, NJ. Representing SBWC were: Kyle Barry, Zachary Bubnick, Justo Bernechea, Melissa Forbis, Meredith Gran, Paul LaSalla, David Love, Sarah Love, Thomas Maresca, Maria Moresco, Ravi Shah, Karen Sittig, Bethany Snodgrass, Michael Tanzer, Stephanie Tracy, and Ann Whitmarsh.

    SBWC took home the Combined (Men and Women) Open Team Award and we had 15 individual category wins.

    • Out of 13 lifters who did the full meet, five went 9/9. (38.5%)
    • The average number of successful attempts over all 13 lifters was 7.54.
    • The women averaged 7.71 successful attempts and the men averaged 7.33.
    • For the three Push/Pull team competitors, the average number of good lifts was 5/6.


    Rules Briefing

    At the 31st Annual USAPL NJ State Powerlifting Championship, Chief Referee Eliot Feldman reviews the rules of the meet.

    Beyond the platform, we had two lifters (Joanna Welsh and Bao-Khang Luu) take and pass – with flying colors – their USAPL State Referee exam at this contest. Another SBWC member (Michelle Grapel) took part as a Side Referee for one session, and both Paulie Steinman and Becca Steinman spent time doing various jobs. Paulie was a Side Referee, did early equipment check, and administered drug tests. Becca was an Expediter and assisted with early equipment check. Additionally, a ton of club members assisted in the warm up room, took photos and video, and cheered in their spare time when they could’ve been doing something else. SBWC was well represented all around!

    Following that, on August 10, we brought one person – Kurt Brondo – to the USAW Connecticut Weightlifting Championship in Stamford, CT. He went 4/6 with a meet PR clean & jerk and a great performance overall. He put himself out there, trusting that his training and hard work in the gym would be reflected in his performance. He went in to the meet with a positive attitude and it showed.

    The men and women who pushed themselves and competed in either event should give themselves a pat on the back. It’s not easy to step on the platform and stay focused on your lifting in front of family, friends, referees, coaches, and an audience of strangers no matter the atmosphere. We are extremely proud of everyone who participated on behalf of SBWC. We hope all the lifters enjoyed the meets and have had a chance to reflect on their progress and to enjoy the post-meet break. We look forward to watching all of you out there giving it your all on either a powerlifting or weightlifting platform in the future.



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